what you will regret the most at the end of your life

It was a hot and humid Sunday morning–long before the days of air conditioning in church sanctuaries–when I first heard the words to this song.

For over 4 decades those words have stuck to my soul tighter than my sweaty 8 year-old legs were sticking to the stark wood surface of the pew I sat in that day.

Only one life to offer
Jesus my Lord and King
Only one tongue to praise Thee
And of Thy mercy sing
Only one heart’s devotion
Saviour oh may it be
Consecrated alone to Thy matchless glory
Yielded fully to Thee

When I was younger, the days seemed to leisurely stretch out before me.

Not so much anymore. Every moment matters.

These words, still stuck to my soul, serve as a reminder and challenge to make today count.



I’m convinced that our deepest regrets at the end of our lives will be the risks not taken, the opportunities not seized, and the dreams not pursued. We will regret opportunities missed a lot more than mistakes made.

-Mark Batterson



God has given you and I roles to live out of each day. Yours may look different from mine, but here are some examples:

  • woman
  • daughter of the King of Kings
  • wife
  • mom
  • sister
  • daughter
  • homemaker
  • career/work
  • neighbour
  • volunteer (community/church)
  • leader

Within each of those roles, He has given us responsibilities. Our responsibilities will change depending on our season of life. For example, my responsibilities as a mom has changed in this season of grown children.

However, within each of  our daily roles and responsibilities, regardless of the season, there are risks to be taken, opportunities to be seized, and dreams to be pursued.

You see over the long-haul, the thing that both you and I will regret the most at the end of our lives is not our actions, but our inactions. 

Listen, the reason I am sharing this with you today is because the reality of “one life” ignites something within me that burns away the complacency that threatens to overthrow my resolve to make today count–that is, if I choose to let it.

Remember: You have only one life to offer. What action do you need to take today?



Only one life, ‘twill soon be past;

Only what’s done for Christ will last.

C. T. Studd (1860-1931), a missionary to China




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I love the Lord, my family, and the work He has given me to complete. Part of that work is to influence women to wisely attend to their daily God-assignments by equipping them with biblical truth and practical skills. Trusting that what you find here will inspire you do just that!