what to do when your soul feels dried out


There are two of these hanging on our front porch. The problem is, I forget to water them.

Well, it’s not that I really forget.

I mean, I see them when I  sit on the porch. Or leave my home. Or come back home.

“I should get up and water them, but I just don’t feel like it right now.”

“I don’t have time to stop right now. But for sure I’ll do it when I get back home again.”

“Boy I’m tired. Oh well, they will still be here tomorrow.”

As my excuse list grows, they begin to shrink and shrivel.

The one thing they desperately need to not only survive, but thrive, is being withheld from them.



Pink watering can in hand, I remove them from the hook they hang on and gently bathe them with what they most need in order to bloom as they were created to.

Literally within an hour, I see a difference. The once dry stems and leaves are now full of life, refreshed and renewed from their drink from the pink fountain.



Much like our soul, isn’t it.

It’s starts to shrivel up.

We totally know when that happens because the dry crust of our soul shows up in our attitude, our responses and our choices.

We know it needs to drink in the Living Water.

“I should get up and read my Bible, but I just don’t feel like it right now.”

“I don’t have time to stop right now. I am busy. But for sure I’ll spend time with the Lord when I get back home again.”

“Boy I’m tired. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow. Yes, I’ll deal with it tomorrow.”

As our excuse list grows, our soul shrinks.

Want to make your day count? Stop the excuses and take a moment to touch the soil of your soul. Is it dry? Have you been ignoring it? Are you waiting to take care of it when things aren’t so busy or when you have more time?

Don’t wait. Today is the day.



Open your Bible.

Allow your thirsty soul to be quenched by the living and powerful truth of God’s Word.

By God’s grace and mercy, you will be refreshed, renewed and bloom more into His likeness.


The instructions of the Lord are perfect, reviving the soul.

Psalm 19:7



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8 thoughts on “what to do when your soul feels dried out

  1. Kathy – How my soul needed to be reminded of this. I also read a blog by Linda Seabrook, today, and she had some similar thoughts. Maybe it is because we are all in similar stages of life or just God working through you guys to try and motivate others. Thank you for sharing.

    • Hi Sharon, thanks for dropping by today! I just love Linda’s writing–and yes, it is so very cool how God weaves these messages into our lives through different people. It is SO good to connect with you again today!

  2. Dear Kathy,
    How timely is your email today about our dried up souls, my dried up should needing to be refreshed and renewed!
    Thank you.
    Looking forward to the 31 day prayer journey…very much needed!
    God bless you!

  3. What a great illustration. I never thought that being crusty and irritable is due to a dried up soul, but it’s true. Thank you for the reminder to drink from God’s Word and spend time with Him.

  4. Wow, those excuses! It was like you were inside my head. Thanks for the wake up and I am looking forward to spending some time in Proverbs with you.

    • Hi Marlene…boy, those excuses can keep us from moving forward in our faith walk, can’t they!? SO glad you are joining me on the prayer journey through Proverbs!

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