the consequences of my disconnected choice

I thought I was hungry.

So I convinced myself that a late-night run to the local fast food joint was just what I needed.

One meal-deal and 1800 seconds later, I was completely filled up–mainly with regret and discomfort.

Now just to be clear: I do not hold the fast food joint responsible. My regret and discomfort had nothing to do with them.

But it did have everything to do with the choice I made that night.

You see, I am currently working on making some changes in my life–changes that are resulting in making a difference in my health, energy, and daily stamina.

But in a split moment that night, I missed connecting the immediate choice before me with the bigger difference I wanted to see happen in those three areas of my life.

The consequences?

Sleep evaded me. I tossed and turned all night while my poor digestive system worked overtime and long into the night.

Energy evaded me.  Still feeling stuffed, I dragged myself out of bed the next morning with thoughts of returning to the comfort of my bed dancing around in my head–all day long.

Without sleep and energy, not only did I have a grump on, but I was also disengaged with my work all day.

I needed no further proof:

  • Every single small choice is an important choice. 
  • Every day is filled with making those small choices.
  • Every small choice always connects to something bigger. 

Oh my, we need to wake up and smell our teabags–and pay attention to the small choices we will make today.

That’s why, even though I am a teeny bit embarrassed, I needed to tell you this story,

It is my hope that in telling it, you give yourself grace to courageously look deeper at where your small choices are resulting in disconnect to the bigger difference you want to see in your life.

And when you take that look, leave a comment and share the small choices that are making a big difference in your life right now.

We are learning to live wisely–together!!!



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4 thoughts on “the consequences of my disconnected choice

  1. Kathy that is good word and most importantly true to God’s word. Have you ever listened to this sermon by Rick Warren ? Called Learn How to Recover From Your Mistakes…on YouTube. Wow I can’t tell you how much I have been changing and transforming the last few months ! God bless you.

    • Hi Camille, no actually, I haven’t heard it. But I will be looking it up. Praising the Lord for His redeeming and transforming work in your life!!!!

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