sometimes it’s just time to hit that re-set button

I had been resisting it for some time now–pushing that re-set button on my ministry. Am I doing the right thing? What will people say? Do I really want to do the work required to make the changes? No more resisting. Today is the day. It is the day that I am letting you know […]

Isn’t this a precious truth? Not sure what your day looks like or how it is going–but I do know the Lord is bearing you up. May our hearts be strengthened by this truth–and filled with thanksgiving to Him–He alone is our salvation!

A Snapshot Look at Psalm 119:59

When I think on my ways, I turn my feet to Your testimonies. – Psalm 119:59

Blaise Pascal called verse 59 “the turning point of a man’s character and destiny.”

He meant that it is vital for every person to consider his or her ways, understand that our ways are destructive and lead us to destruction, and to make an about-face and determine to go in God’s way instead. (taken from David Guzik’s study guide for Psalm 119)