what you will regret the most at the end of your life

It was a hot and humid Sunday morning–long before the days of air conditioning in church sanctuaries–when I first heard the words to this song. For over 4 decades those words have stuck to my soul tighter than my sweaty 8 year-old legs were sticking to the stark wood surface of the pew I sat […]

the consequences of my disconnected choice

I thought I was hungry. So I convinced myself that a late-night run to the local fast food joint was just what I needed. One meal-deal and 1800 seconds later, I was completely filled up–mainly with regret and discomfort. Now just to be clear: I do not hold the fast food joint responsible. My regret and […]

what to do when your soul feels dried out

  There are two of these hanging on our front porch. The problem is, I forget to water them. Well, it’s not that I really forget. I mean, I see them when I  sit on the porch. Or leave my home. Or come back home. “I should get up and water them, but I just […]

sometimes it’s just time to hit that re-set button

I had been resisting it for some time now–pushing that re-set button on my ministry. Am I doing the right thing? What will people say? Do I really want to do the work required to make the changes? No more resisting. Today is the day. It is the day that I am letting you know […]