3 Regrets of Anger…and what to do about it

Learning to live wisely

Oh boy! Was it ever a fight. A verbal fight. Squinting through the strategically-angled slat blinds in my bedroom, I watched the two men—neither showing any signs of backing down—yell at each other, all the while balancing themselves on the roof trusses of the house that is being built on the other side of my backyard […]

the wisdom of finishing small things well

Man, I really really hate when I leave yesterday’s small tasks to do today. Waking up to yesterday’s work usually means I need to tend to it before I can begin today’s work–which then makes the workload for my entire day seem overwhelming. Even dreaded. Oh yes, I agree that sometimes that’s just the way […]

what you will regret the most at the end of your life

It was a hot and humid Sunday morning–long before the days of air conditioning in church sanctuaries–when I first heard the words to this song. For over 4 decades those words have stuck to my soul tighter than my sweaty 8 year-old legs were sticking to the stark wood surface of the pew I sat […]

the consequences of my disconnected choice

I thought I was hungry. So I convinced myself that a late-night run to the local fast food joint was just what I needed. One meal-deal and 1800 seconds later, I was completely filled up–mainly with regret and discomfort. Now just to be clear: I do not hold the fast food joint responsible. My regret and […]

what to do when your soul feels dried out

  There are two of these hanging on our front porch. The problem is, I forget to water them. Well, it’s not that I really forget. I mean, I see them when I  sit on the porch. Or leave my home. Or come back home. “I should get up and water them, but I just […]