what you will regret the most at the end of your life

It was a hot and humid Sunday morning–long before the days of air conditioning in church sanctuaries–when I first heard the words to this song. For over 4 decades those words have stuck to my soul tighter than my sweaty 8 year-old legs were sticking to the stark wood surface of the pew I sat […]

what to do when your soul feels dried out

  There are two of these hanging on our front porch. The problem is, I forget to water them. Well, it’s not that I really forget. I mean, I see them when I  sit on the porch. Or leave my home. Or come back home. “I should get up and water them, but I just […]

Isn’t this a precious truth? Not sure what your day looks like or how it is going–but I do know the Lord is bearing you up. May our hearts be strengthened by this truth–and filled with thanksgiving to Him–He alone is our salvation!