flowers Psalm 68.19
An Encouraging Promise for Today

Isn’t this a precious truth? Not sure what your day looks like or how it is going–but I do know the Lord is bearing you up. May our hearts be strengthened by this truth–and filled with thanksgiving to Him–He alone is our salvation!

A 2-Word Prayer For Every Single Day

Grow Deeper Devotional

One thing I notice about my two oldest grandchildren is that they do not hesitate to ask for help. “Mommy, can you help me find…?” “Daddy, I need some help building my Lego car.” “Amma, can you help me turn on the sprinkler?” “Pops, I need help to get my bike out of the shed.” […]


It’s Easy To Be Joyful When All Is Well. But What If It’s Not?

Grow Deeper Devotional - Guest Post

There are times and seasons of life where we may not feel very joyful. I get it! Actually, the Bible has much to say about joy. It is listed second after love as a fruit of the Spirit. When I plug the word joy into Bible Gateway, it brings up 242 results. One of my […]


5 Easy Things You Can Do To Be a Hope-Giver Today

Live On Purpose and Make Today Count!

Every once in a while, I need to wear this. I affectionately call it The Boot. As a result of an accident when I was 16, and after several surgeries and a fusion, I now experience chronic pain in my right foot and ankle. After standing or walking for extended periods of time, my ankle […]


How Do You Make People Feel?

Live On Purpose


This simple quote will often run across the ticker tape in my brain. Since reading it for the first time several years ago, I am continually being influenced by it–especially when it comes to my family. My words as a wife, mom and as Amma impact my husband, children, and grandchildren. Oh my, they may […]