What Does A Treadmill Have to Do With Thanksgiving?

#2 of "On A Thanksgiving Mission"

I am thankful for my treadmill. Actually, let me back up just a bit. I am thankful for my health. It could be better than what it is though—and that’s where the treadmill comes in. To be sure, I haven’t always been thankful for it—or any mode of exercise in general for that matter. But […]


I Am On A Thanksgiving Mission

Will You Join Me?

Fall is my favourite season. I gladly welcome the cooler temperature—especially this fall after a very hot summer. With the Canadian Thanksgiving holiday just days away, I would normally be busy decorating with pumpkins, apple-scented candles, and corn husks. But this year, our Thanksgiving decor looks quite different. That’s because this fall holds a different […]

flowers Psalm 68.19

Isn’t this a precious truth? Not sure what your day looks like or how it is going–but I do know the Lord is bearing you up. May our hearts be strengthened by this truth–and filled with thanksgiving to Him–He alone is our salvation!

A 2-Word Prayer For Every Single Day

Grow Deeper Devotional

One thing I notice about my two oldest grandchildren is that they do not hesitate to ask for help. “Mommy, can you help me find…?” “Daddy, I need some help building my Lego car.” “Amma, can you help me turn on the sprinkler?” “Pops, I need help to get my bike out of the shed.” […]


It’s Easy To Be Joyful When All Is Well. But What If It’s Not?

Grow Deeper Devotional - Guest Post

There are times and seasons of life where we may not feel very joyful. I get it! Actually, the Bible has much to say about joy. It is listed second after love as a fruit of the Spirit. When I plug the word joy into Bible Gateway, it brings up 242 results. One of my […]